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National Hi-way, Sto. Niño, City of Biñan, Laguna
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GS Aca Week

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Family Day!

The Family Fun Day masterminds,
Doc Don, Ms. Vangie
and Ms. Susan, took their pose

Our beaustiful moms. Mrs. Pangilinan & Mrs. Papa, were among the ever supportive parents of the Basic Education Department.

The high school boys had a memorable & fun time as they played basketball with their dads.

Ball Games Kids

The grade school boys are also
excited to join!

Mom and daughter
tanden relay!

Ydah Jallorina did a great job with her
guardian while teacher Amy cheers
on the side.

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UPHSL-CATU-Weapons Familiarization Training at Camp Eldrige, Los Baños, Laguna

Senior Instructor of 403rd Laguna Community Defence Center, 4RCDG Army Reserve Command demostrate the assembly and disassembly of the Cal.5.56 M161 Rifle

UPHSL-CATU1 Cadets disassemble as US Cal.5.56 M16A1

UPHSL-CATU Cadet LCDR Harriet Layacan is instructed on proper holding of pistol

UPHSL-CATU Cadet prepares to
discharge his weapon

Cadet John Matthew Turiano renders a snappy salute to the National Ensign before board Cost Guard Search and Rescue Vessel BRP Batangas during educational tour aboard Headquarters

Lt. Robin Mariaga of BRP Batangas explains the different equipment of the Philippine Coast Guard used in cnducting Search and Rescue Operation to UPHSL-CATU Cadets and Officers

Coast Guard Officer presents to UPHSL-CATU Cadets and Officers different rescue equipment during Tour of Coast Guard Air Group and DOTC Hangar

All Smiles - UPHSL CAT Officers smile before the camera as they pose inside the cockpit pf PCG Aircraft during units visit to the Headquarters of Coast Headquarters in
Pasay City

UPHSL-CATU Officers pause inside PCG Rescue Helicopter
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3rd Southern Luzon Regional Scouts Jamboree 23-28, 2014
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33rd Citizenship Advancement Training Commencement Exercises
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Community Outreach Program
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"Shake, Rock and Roll": Students Night 2012
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