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The increasing demands and applications of computers and information technology in the different fields of endeavor required the need to provide more extensive and specialized training in computers and research. This paved the way to the opening of the BS Computer Science three years later.

Our advanced and state of the art computer facilities simulating the corporate environment, a component line up of faculty members, an up to date and well balanced curriculum and our continuing linkages with the different companies are keystone in delivering the kind of training that is at par with the institution's commitment to character building. With this as our mission coupled with massive technical training will be our basic foundation to help build a better nation.

A leader in providing IT Professionals who are competitive with the best in the world. We challenge, encourage, and support all learners to be responsible for developing their abilities with respect for self, others, and the environment.


November 2017

  • UPHSL and UE Signs Memorandum of Understanding

  • The University of Perpetual Help System Laguna and the University of the East signs memorandum of understanding today, September 5, 2017. The purpose of the MOU is to develop academic and educational cooperation, and establish a collaborative program in the information and Computing Education. UPHSL and UE have recognized the benefits to be derived from increased cooperation, collaboration and interaction for purposes of broadening the administration, faculty and student experiences as Centers of Development and Excellence identified institution. Present in the MOU signing were Dr. Ferdinand C. Somido, the Executive School Director and Dean Oliver Junio of University of Perpetual Help System with their counterpart Dr. Ester A. Garcia, President, Dr. Linda P. Santiago, Chancellor and Dean Rodany Merida of University of the East.

    Congratulations and best of luck to the College of Computer Studies!

  • Digital Forensic and Cyber Security Awareness Seminar

  • By: Dr. Rolando R. Lansigan | Written by: Sarah Tenido

    One of the objectives of this seminar conducted by Dr. Rolando R. Lansigan last October 28, 2017, at Mac Laboratory UPHSL, is to Orient the participants on the basic knowledge about DF and to be familiarized on the steps or phases being followed in conducting DF Examinations and its cycle of investigation and to Secure Digital Life. As before the seminar began, Dr. Rolando introduces some photos that show how he works with the CIDG and how Information Security for ASEAN Countries enhanced.

    And then, he gives a warm-up exercise to the participants to bring them up the energy to think and analyzes the given scenario. He explains what is Forensic Science, that is any field that is applied to the field of law. Forensic scientists are tasked with the collection, preservation, and analysis of scientific evidence during the course of an investigation. And there are different types of Forensics. And then, there’s a Digital Forensic.

    A Digital Forensic is the process of analyzing and evaluating digital data as evidence. And The goal of computer forensics is to do a structured investigation and find out exactly what happened on a digital system, and who was responsible for it.

    He also talked about the Goals of Incident Response. Accumulation of accurate information and the establishment of control for proper retrieval and handling of evidence, protection of privacy rights established by law and policy, minimization of disruption to business and network operations, and preparation of accurate reports and useful recommendations and so on and so forth.

    In addition to promoting advanced security and digital forensic measures, and to Cyber Security Awareness, CCS Department initiates this seminar that addresses the emerging technologies and how they are integrated into the cyber security sphere. The seminar attendees and everyone should know the real-life problems of identity theft and cyber-attacks that can devastate any infrastructure and personnel’s livelihood.

    This seminar is to provide the participants a general understanding of the threats to cyber and information security that they may face, to help them recognize the threats to the system’s information assets.

August 2017

  • College of Computer Studies conduct Learning with iPad seminar workshop.

  • College of Computer Studies Faculty

    Mr. Mark Anthony Jamisal an IT Trainee at Makati City, conducted the seminar entitled “Learning with iPad” Thursday, August 24, 2017 at Mac Laboratory, UPHSL. He shared different techniques of using iPad. The Students and other Faculty members got the chance to explore and experience different tools in iPad using the new app which is called “Classroom”; that will help students to prepare to face a near challenging future. And to discover a world of possibilities with iPad that will equip everyone to do something worthwhile in the great world of opportunity that lies ahead.

    Some students of the College of Computer Studies, shared their experience and what they've learn from the activity that is truly fulfilling. "It was a good experience to use the iOS devices, most especially in using the iPad, for us to know what other features would I apply with my iOS devices. Like the apps using virtual reality, it's fascinating to see the 4D forms from the device's screen. I had a fulfilling experience to be a part of this seminar activity.” – Marky Pampolina

    “The seminar, Learning with iPad thought us the basic functions of the iPad, such as accessing the camera in different ways, taking screenshots, accessing the control center, and showed us the different apps inside the iPad. The seminar helped those who aren't familiar with the technology.” – Cyrene Rivera

    “The seminar was all about using the iPad in a learning environment and was very informative regarding that aspect. It was amazing to learn that there were so many things that the iPad can do especially in a classroom setting. The presenter was engaging and had materials that made the concepts more relatable and concrete” –Thomas James Villanueva

    The seminar taught us about learning with the help of iPad and how it helps us to be more creative, and be more productive inside the classroom. Mr. Mark Anthony discussed iPad has something for everything that teachers may teach. And everything that students want to learn. He even introduced different apps, and interactive books, videos that opens up new opportunities and receive education and learning in many different ways that trends. And in the future it can help you plan for your growth in your chosen career or inspire you to obtain training in a career that will offer you more opportunities for advancement as well as to your personal growth.

    Apple Inc. believes in the power of technology to transform classrooms.

    “iPad is transforming the way we teach and learn. Powerful creative tools, interactive textbooks, and a universe of apps and content make for endless learning possibilities. All on a device everyone already loves to use.”

    “Study very well! What you learn is something that no one can ever steal from you” These are words which parents, guardians, teachers and all other adults had enlisted in the youth's minds. But why do we have to learn? Or should I say, why do we have to keep learning?

    As defined by Merriam Webster, learning is "the activity or process of gaining knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, being taught, or experiencing something." First, study. Learning is a lifetime investment. It is true that "whatever principle of intelligence we attain unto in this life, it will rise with us." Rise in a way that as we grow, it will be instilled within us. However, there are times that learning does not come naturally. People have to study. They have to experiment on things that are necessary for them to learn. If learning is accompanied with proper study and pondering, it will indeed accumulate good results.

    Next, practicing. People believe that "practice makes perfect." With that, I refused. I believe that "CORRECT PRACTICE makes one PERFECT. We always know what the right things are. But are we doing it the right way? Someone can say that he practices well. But he cannot say that he is practicing it the right way if he is not applying the correct principles. Practicing should always be anchored with the correct principles, belief and action. But remember, if you are just beginning to practice, do not be disappointed if you failed. Bear in mind that it is a process. You sometimes fail, then eventually succeed.

    Third, you have to learn how to be taught. Yes, learning can be done in such a way that you're doing it all by yourself. You search for truths, gain necessary information and that's it! To you I say that knowledge does not only come that way. Remember when you were a little child? Someone helped you to walk. How was it done? Your parents guided you, taught you how to step one by one, then two and three. They let go when they knew you can stand alone. It is good that you discover truths for yourself. That is being independent. But it is better to accept learnings from other people, especially to those who teach correct principles. And that is belief and trust.

    The last is through experience. They say that, "Experience is the best teacher." I absolutely believe that. Remember the first time you used an iPad? Before when you don't have it, you just listen to what others say about its specs and the special things it offers. But when you've finally got one, you've seen how reliable and true the things that you've heard from others. When you experience how to use it, you've found out that is indeed helpful. There are a lot of things in this world that is really hard to be understood by words. But when you come to experience how things work and how learning is acquired, you'll then realize the greatness of experiencing things in this life.

    As Millennials, we are blessed with unlimited things for learning. The iPad, through which we can easily access the things that we need to learn, the possible experiences we can get by using it wisely, and by learning how to be taught willingly. It is truly a great honor and a privilege to live in these days. If we will just strive to learn and make learning as an investment, I know with surety that we will be blessed at the last day .

Organization Structure

Mission and Vision


We provide students with the knowledge and understanding of emerging technologies so that they become lifelong learners imbued with the Perpetualite character and values, and are able to adapt to technological changes and function in an informational society through updated, specialized, and individualized instructions and support programs.


Leader in providing IT Professionals who are competitive with the best in the world. We challenge, encourage, and support all learners to be responsible for developing their abilities with respect for self, others, and the environment.

Quality Objectives

  1. 1. To develop high quality IT professionals with perpetualites values equipped with technical competencies in the field of computing.
  2. 2. To maintain recognition as one of the respected computing education providers in the country.
  3. 3. To develop quality innovations and research activities to address emerging issues in computing education.
  4. 4. Develop and implement sustainable program-based community extension activities participated in by various stakeholders.

Program Educational Objectives

BS Computer Science

Guided by the University mission, the Perpetualite Graduates are/can:

  1. 1. Skilled in advanced system management and administration for organized flow of operations.
  2. 2. Researchers in the field of computing technology.
  3. 3. Demonstrate organizational communication for effective human relations.
  4. 4. Extend entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in computing services to generate opportunities for the community.
  5. 5. Values the importance of continuing educational opportunities.

BS Information Technology

Guided by the University mission, the Perpetualite Graduates are/can:

  1. 1. Skilled in advanced system management and administration for organized flow of operations.
  2. 2. Leaders and program innovators in the field of Information Technology.
  3. 3. Demonstrate organizational communication for effective human relations.
  4. 4. Extend entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in computing services to generate opportunities for the community.
  5. 5. Value the importance of continuing educational opportunities.

Student Outcomes

  1. 1. Demonstrate an understanding of algorithms and data structures.
  2. 2. Demonstrate a problem solving ability in the application of fundamentals of computer concepts.
  3. 3. Able to apply the principles and practices for software designs and implementation of computer-based solution.
  4. 4. Demonstrate an ability to recognize and apply the technical standards and interoperability of computer organization and architecture.
  5. 5. Demonstrate proficiency in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data in computer science and related areas.
  6. 6. Demonstrate ability to integrate knowledge learned in different areas of information technology.
  7. 7. Demonstrate an understanding of emerging technologies and a working knowledge of currently available software tools.
  8. 8. Be able to effectively communicate in written and oral form.
  9. 9. Demonstrate an awareness of the evolution and dynamic nature of the foundational core of computer science.
  10. 10. Demonstrate an understanding of the professional and ethical considerations of computing.
  11. 11. Be able to work effectively on a team.
  12. 12. Demonstrate ability to assist the formulation and implementation of an effective project plan.
  13. 13. Demonstrate knowledge of the social impact of computing; and
  14. 14. Recognize the need for, and show ability for continuing professional development.

Career Opportunities

Bachelor of Science in
Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in
Computer Science

Software Engineer Software Engineer
Web page designer/developer Junior Programmer/ Senior Programmer
Database Administrator Web programmer
Data Specialist Database Administrator
System Analyst Data Specialist
Project Manager System Analyst
System Developer Project Manager
Network Administrator/Manager Network Administrator/Manager
MIS Staff MIS Staff
Graphics Designer/ Animator System Designer
I.T. Entrepreneur System Developer
Data Protection Officer Data Publishing Operator


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