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This section is responsible for the processing of library materials being borrowed and returned by the library patrons.

One of the university library sections that have to acquire and catalog a book and other materials, its subsequent obligations are to lend these materials to the legitimate users of the library (circulation section.)

The Circulation staff has an important but difficult task. They must see to it that the following are being undertaken:

  1. The rapid accurate issuance, recording and checking in the return of books each day.
  2. Administer the books reserved as required for reading by the faculty.
  3. Maintain the efficiency of the book supply service by keeping the stocks in good order.
  4. Returning books promptly to the shelves.
  5. Following up vigilantly on all requests for books that cannot be located when sought by the users.

The staff also has a major responsibility for book reservation, since materials, which requires replacement; binding or repair is easily spotted as they're handled at the circulation desk. It must keep control book lost, assist in guiding readers to the location and services within the library and sometimes even help a reader with a simple reference question if no reference librarian is on duty.


8:00 AM 8:00 PM Monday to Friday


    1. Student goes to OPAC and check if the book is available. If so, they will write the call number of the book needed and give it to the Librarian or staff.
    2. The staff will get the book from the shelf and will give it to the library user.
    3. The library user will be requested to write his/her name on the book card and give s/her Library Card.
    4. The staff will stamp the due date on the book card and due date slip, then put his/her initial besides the due date.
    5. The staff will now give the book to the borrower.
    6. The staff will jot down the borrowed book on the daily statistic form for the monthly report.
    7. The staff files the library card together with the book card in the charging box labeled Home Use which are arrange according to due date and by call number.
    8. In case of Room Use books, the staff will arrange the library card and book card under this category by call number.
    9. Unreturned books for the day shall be considered overdue and will be charged accordingly.
    1. When a book is returned, the library staff checks the author's name on the pocket.
    2. Checks the due date slip to find out if the book is overdue.
    3. Pull out the book card and library card from the files of charges.
    4. Check the author and accession number matches with the book card.
    5. If the author and accession number matches with the book card. The staff will return the library card to the borrower.
    6. Insert the book card in the book pocket of the book.
    7. If it is for Room Use only, the staff will pull out the book card and clip the library card with the book card, then indicate the time returned and file the book card in the current charges of Room Use.
    8. If the book is reported lost by the student, librarian indicates on the book card the date reported and gives the student an allowance of 30 days to replace the book. If the student fails to replace the said book, he/she is ask to pay the book according to its current price, plus the overdue incurred, plus P 50.00 for processing.


Reserve book service is the term used when books and other library materials assigned by the faculty in their classes. They are withdrawn from the open book stock collection and placed behind the collection desk or in a separate area or regarding room purpose. This procedure ensures that every student in the class has a fair chance to read his assignments.

Reserve books are in two kinds: those in heavy demand, which are charged out for two-our periods during the day and for overnight, which is to return early in the morning of the next day. Fines are sufficiently heavy to ensure the prompt return of the reserve books.

Steps in Charging and Discharging of Books:

  1. Student will consult the OPAC regarding the availability of the book needed and the call number.
  2. He/she will write to a sheet of paper the call number of the book needed and give it to the library staff.
  3. The staff will look from the shelves.
  4. The staff will get the library card from the borrowers and mark the book card of the time and date the book was borrowed.
  5. The book card with the library card will be filed in the charging box fro Room Use only.
  6. Upon the return of the book, the staff will check on the author and the accession number, and then return the library card to the borrower. The book card will now be inserted to the book pocket and will be placed on the book track for shelving by the student assistant.

Files and Records at the Circulation Desk:

  1. Newly borrowed book cards of all users.
  2. List of students, faculties and employees who have overdue book.
  3. Files of daily and monthly statistics on the use of library resources.
  4. Miscellaneous files.

Files and Records at the Reserve Section:

  1. Daily and monthly statistics on the use of library resources.
  2. Files of charges of reserve books on the day and overnight.
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