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It is the aim of the UPH College of Law to provide quality legal education and instill the Perpetualite creed that “Character building is Nation building” to future members of the legal profession.

Our goal is to produce graduates who are armed with the necessary legal knowledge and competence which will enable them to hurdle the Bar Examinations; and thereafter become instrumental members of the legal profession who will exercise their duties in accordance with the ethical mandates of the legal profession founded on the virtues instilled in them as Perpetualites.


The UPH College of Law is the most accessible law school in the southern outskirts of Metro Manila. The school aims to be at par with the top Manila law schools. So as to be able to offer comparable legal education within the reach of those desirous of becoming lawyers, but are constrained because of the distance from the perceived top law schools.

Quality Objectives

  1. 1. To develop competent and competitive lawyers with ethical distinctiveness anchored on Perpetualite virtues.
  2. 2. To retain recognition as a top performing law school in the Bar Examinations.
  3. 3. To develop quality legal research as a tool for effective litigation skills.
  4. 4. To develop a program to serve as an avenue for provision of legal aid.

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