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In support on the objectives of the Library to improve the current collection and intelligence database for the benefit of the entire student body as well as the faculty, administration and the rest of the academe, the UPHSL Main Library will be launching “PressReader” the newest electronic resources , wherien the school community can access 7000+ global newspapers and magazines through online or on the app.

Chief among these advantages and benefits are as follows:

a. International Content- The students can now access more than 7000 different publications (all under multi-disciplinary categories such as Current Affairs, Humanities, Sciences, Arts, Business Economy, etc.) from all over the world to help them in their research and information requirements on current affairs and the latest developmnets revolving around topical interests relevant to their studies.

b. Simplified Content Mangament System- With more than 7000 titles, PressReader offers a simplified approach to reading and searching for the content that the users need. New titles are likewise added at no additional cost.

c. The Wonders of Digital Content- The collection, being all digital, makes it easier for the students to search and use the information on hand. It is likewise an eco-friendly or green alternative since no paper is used and no waste is residued.

d. No Additional Resources Needed- PressReader works on our existing resources and likewise works on whatever smart devices the students have so there is bo longer any need to purchase additional equipment or the like for any user to access content. It also saves space, since the library does not need to allocate additional physical areas for the same.

e. Saves Space- With PressReader, space for keeping and displaying print publication are no longer required.

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