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Caring for Mental Health Amidst Covid 19 Pandemic

The Psychology Society of the University of Perpetual Help System - Binan Campus held its first ever webinar yesterday, November 26, 2020 at 3:00PM entitled "Caring For Your Mental Health Amidst the COVID19 Pandemic."

During these times of pandemic, face to face gathering is rarely seen to prevent the transmission of the virus so most of the things done in physical like classes, works, even seminars are all held online and the Psychology Society of the University of Perpetual Help System - Binan Campus never let the chance to pass. They care for everyone's mental health that they pushed their first ever webinar online. Doing their best to feed the Perpetualites especially the psychology students is the only way that they can do help those youth who are struggling in their mental aspect.

Admit it, that these COVID19 times really affect the mental health of everyone, mostly youth. This is a serious matter that everyone should give attention to. Just like what the psychology students believe, mental health is just as important like the physical health. Most people are afraid of consulting the professionals in terms of their mental aspect so the Psychology Society, headed by their adviser, Prof. Sherill Villaluz and their president, Mr. Al Puducay, is helping the psychology community in enlightening the people that there's no wrong in asking or seeking for help especially when it already affects their way of living.

The webinar held in the google meet provided by the Psychology Society. Ms. Rachel Angela Martin, member of Psychological Association of the Philippines and also a part of PMHA, is the guest speaker for their webinar. She discussed many things about the mental health especially on how to take care of the mental aspect of youth during this time of pandemic. She shared her thoughts on what the youth should do and how to react to the happenings around them, even around the world. Also, she encouraged those psychology students who attended that webinar on how they can help, even in the smallest way they can do to motivate people who are struggling. Question and Answer Forum also held after the discussion and the students are gladly sent their questions to the resource speaker. The webinar was also live in the facebook page of Psychology Society so others, especially the non-psychology students, who want to join in the discussion can also access in the webinar. Ms. Martin answered their questions with full of compassion and motivation.

Other professors, even the dean of College of Arts and Sciences who took the welcoming remarks, Dr. Antonio Yango, was also there. Students who joined the discussion told that they really learned a lot from Ms. Martin who really discussed her thoughts passionately. Psychology Society and the whole College of Arts and Sciences are grateful that they can help everyone who are having a hard time in coping in this pandemic in their simple way. Together with the University of Perpetual Help System - Laguna and Psychology Society, we are calling the attention of everyone to stop the stigma and normalize seeking help from professionals in terms of mental aspect. Indeed, a successful event by the faculty and students.

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