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Digital Forensic and Cyber Security Awareness Seminar

By: Dr. Rolando R. Lansigan | Written by: Sarah Tenido

One of the objectives of this seminar conducted by Dr. Rolando R. Lansigan last October 28, 2017, at Mac Laboratory UPHSL, is to Orient the participants on the basic knowledge about DF and to be familiarized on the steps or phases being followed in conducting DF Examinations and its cycle of investigation and to Secure Digital Life. As before the seminar began, Dr. Rolando introduces some photos that show how he works with the CIDG and how Information Security for ASEAN Countries enhanced.

And then, he gives a warm-up exercise to the participants to bring them up the energy to think and analyzes the given scenario. He explains what is Forensic Science, that is any field that is applied to the field of law. Forensic scientists are tasked with the collection, preservation, and analysis of scientific evidence during the course of an investigation. And there are different types of Forensics. And then, there’s a Digital Forensic.

A Digital Forensic is the process of analyzing and evaluating digital data as evidence. And The goal of computer forensics is to do a structured investigation and find out exactly what happened on a digital system, and who was responsible for it.

He also talked about the Goals of Incident Response. Accumulation of accurate information and the establishment of control for proper retrieval and handling of evidence, protection of privacy rights established by law and policy, minimization of disruption to business and network operations, and preparation of accurate reports and useful recommendations and so on and so forth.

In addition to promoting advanced security and digital forensic measures, and to Cyber Security Awareness, CCS Department initiates this seminar that addresses the emerging technologies and how they are integrated into the cyber security sphere. The seminar attendees and everyone should know the real-life problems of identity theft and cyber-attacks that can devastate any infrastructure and personnel’s livelihood.

This seminar is to provide the participants a general understanding of the threats to cyber and information security that they may face, to help them recognize the threats to the system’s information assets.

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