Online Payment Proceedures

Steps Proceedures

Step 1: Login to your GTI / Online Grades Account

Step 2 : Select "CLICK TO PAY NOW"

Step 3: Choose "Particulars" (e.g. Tuition, Downpayment, etc.)

Step 4: Click "Pay Now"

Step 5: Select "PAYMENT OPTION" and "ECPay (GCash/Payment Centers)"

Step 6: Select "PAYMENT OPTION" and "ECPay (GCash/Payment Centers)"

Step 7: Wait for the email from Dragon Pay for your Reference Number

Step 8: Select "Pay Bills"

Step 9: Select "Pay Bills"

Step 10: Choose Dragon Pay"

Step 11:Enter the "Reference Number" emailed by Dragon Pay. Encode your contact number, amount and your personal Email."