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  • Academic Track - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Academic Track - Accountancy and Business Management
  • Academic Track - Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Academic Track - General Academic Strand
  • Academic Track - Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime
  • Technical-Vocational Livelihood – Home Economics
  • Technical-Vocational Livelihood – Information and Communications Technology
  • Arts and Design – Performing Arts
  • Sports track

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – you can take this as your springboard to become a pilot, an architect, engineer, biologist, chemist, physicist, dentist, nutritionist, nurse, doctor and many more.

Accountancy and Business Management – can lead you to career on financial management, business management, corporate operations, management and accounting, sales manager, human resource, marketing director, project officer, bookkeeper, accounting clerk, internal auditor, hotel manager and a lot more.

Humanities and Social Sciences – this is for those to pursue a career on journalism, communication arts, liberal arts, law, education, psychology and other social science related course.

General Academic Strand – it is great for students who are still thinking on which career to pursue.

Pre Baccalaureate Maritime– it is great for students who wants to pursue course in maritime education.

Technical-Vocational Livelihood (Home Economics) – these job-ready skills will prepare you to become baker, barista, tour guide, front office staff, and others. It will also prepare in hospitality and tourism management, culinary arts, food technology nutrition and flight attendant.

Technical-Vocational Livelihood (ICT) – these job-ready skills will prepare you to become call center agent, web designer, data encoder, graphic designers, animator and others. This can also prepare you on different IT courses such as computer programming and engineer.

Arts and Design (Performing Arts) – can lead to career on architecture, interior design, industrial design, graphic design, painting, photography, desktop publishing and filmmaking.

Sports – can prepare you in becoming a fitness trainer, game officials, tournament manager, recreation attendant or gym instructor.

“Soar High, Senior High.” The logo signifies the true spirit and identity of the department and its multiple elements that symbolize the characteristics of Senior High School living as Perpetualites. The logo was created by Ms. Ma. Mimar F. Arceo, Ms. Joselle Anne G. Barredo, Mr. Cyrus Jade Barilea, and Ms. Keanna Aissen L. Belmonte last 2019.

The circular or round shape which represents the totality and wholeness of all the other elements included, as well as the strong foundation of unity among all members of the Senior High School. Right at the left side of the circle are four rising flames, which include the 4 tracks that are included in the K-12 Curriculum: Academic, Tech-Voc, Sports, and Arts & Design. The flames represent wisdom and knowledge; the flames are rising to symbolize soaring, as Senior High School influences and lifts our capabilities, taking us to greater heights. These flames are overlapping because although the tracks are of their own strength and significance, they are still recognized as one and not individually. These flames also be interpreted as leaves or wreath, symbolizing unity and spirituality.

The roundness shape symbolizes every success and failure we have God in us because like what Hermes Trismegistus said, “God is a circle whose center is everywhere and the circumference in nowhere.” At the center, there are two figures which explains two things: first is the man that symbolizes every senior high school student with its arm extending, reaching something and that something is the dream of every student wants to reach and achieve. It also signifies the role of every Perpetualite to reach out and help others as a vital role in nation building. Next is the second main part which is the wing, this wing represents the freedom of every student to choose their own path, freedom to fly high meaning to do our very best to reach that dream that we’ve wanted. Behind the figures is the image of our school. The 12 leaves in both sides symbolizes the 12 children of the founder.

The colors used in the logo are the following: red (energy, strength, power, determination, passion), orange (energy of red and happiness of yellow; joy, youth, creativity), yellow (optimism, happiness, intellect), aqua blue (depth, stability, wisdom, confidence), white (formality, success), maroon (ambition, courage, risk), gray (dignity, maturity, reliability, compromise), brown/tan (connection to the earth, warmth, wholesome) green (growth, harmony).

The UPHSL Senior High School aims to produce Christian leaders research-oriented and competent graduates who have mastered the necessary concepts needed for tertiary education and have developed the skills for employment and entrepreneurship.

The UPHSL Senior High School will be a benchmark of excellence in delivering quality education and in inculcating Christian values leading to its graduates towards the attainment of the best quality of life.

  • Possess appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes for tertiary education and for the world of work.
  • Practice entrepreneurship skills and scientific-technological competencies to respond to varying society situations.
  • Contribute to the ideals of nation building and promote their unique history and heritage as Filipinos
  • Manifest Christian leadership skills through community service and outreach activities.
  • Demonstrate integral character and moral values in their personal lives and international dealings.

Veronica C. Samson, MAEd
Senior High School Director
Michael Angelo B. Del Rosario, LPT
Senior High School Academic Coordinator
Celestina C. Almenanza, MAEd
English Chairman
Rowena R. Contillo, PhD
Research Chairman
Victorio B. Duyan, PhD
Science Chairman
Jeanette Ana M. Orocay, LPT
Social Science Chairman
Engr. Randy V. Ogaya
Mathematics Chairman
Jesus M. Purificacion, MAEd
Filipino Chairman
Jeanne Pauline M. Sarmiento, LPT TVL Chairman
Marilou C. Urbina, DBM ABM Chairman
Wilbert Levi H. Eugenio, MAEd FIAT Advisor
Clarisse Anne G. Lebios, LPT
Senior Student Council Advisor
Kristian Dale P. Almazora, LPT Faculty
Sheila R. Ambrocio, LPT Faculty
Anna Margarita N. Ayacocho, LPT Faculty
John Alfred C. Ayson, LPT Faculty
Melissa Joy A. Baron, LPT Faculty
Garry C. Bayran, LPT Faculty
Jolly Ray F. Bederico, LPT Faculty
Chriselle Anne V. Bermillas, LPT Faculty
Ervil B. Borromeo, MBA Faculty
Benjamin A. Budino Jr., LPT Faculty
Christine Joyce V. Buhay, LPT Faculty
Karla Joy E. Candela, LPT Faculty
Decerie G. Caparas, LPT Faculty
Cherry Karen M. Catador, LPT Faculty
Abegail S. Dacles, LPT Faculty
Jeffrey C. Deriquito, LPT Faculty
Marilen M. Dime, LPT Faculty
Michelle D. Gui, LPT Faculty
Engr. Eric L. Hernandez, MSEE Faculty
Donita A. Jorlano, LPT Faculty
Bryan Neil B. Ladim, LPT Faculty
Faithful G. Librado, MAEd Faculty
Maryrose F. Liwanag, MAEd Faculty
Aldin C. Llaneta, LPT Faculty
Nica A. Mañabo, LPT Faculty
Shane C. Mapanoo, LPT Faculty
Janine Kenneth C. Mendoza, LPT Faculty
John Elli G. Mendoza, LPT Faculty
Jose Miguel G. Miana, LPT Faculty
Belermino G. Montañez, LPT Faculty
Reggie R. Mueden, LPT Faculty
Maria Isabel L. Naval, LPT Faculty
William James T. Obrero, LPT Faculty
Arwin Francis R. Ocson Faculty
Rina Lyka E. Olata, LPT Faculty
Jojie B. Restrivera, LPT Faculty
Hezron S. Rocero, LPT Faculty
Lean Dennis M. Roldan, MAEd Faculty
Jonathan M. Salamo, LPT Faculty
John Carlo I. Salivio, LPT Faculty
Cedrick L. Santiago, LPT Faculty
John Menson V. Santidad, MAEd Faculty
Jeric V. Sarcia, LPT Faculty
Mary Ann C. Satsatin, LPT Faculty
Mark Braian B. Tandoc, LPT Faculty
Ma. Angelica V. Vesorio Faculty
Jeanilyn D. Villaralvo, LPT Faculty
Marcelino Almari
Part-Time Faculty
Michael M. Orozco, DIT
Part-Time Faculty
Paul Vincyd Peralta
Part-Time Faculty
Mark Anthony Tamayo
Part-Time Faculty
Emmanuel Vargas
Part-Time Faculty
Angelo Villapena
Part-Time Faculty

Grade 11 Academic Honors

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