Guidance & Admission

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ALL students who have yet to submit their admission credentials may swing by the SPS Office first for appropriate instructions.


The Perpetualite Handbook

Major Offense

Offenses disrupting campus peace and order, security and safety.

  • Fistfight/Mauling
  • Carrying explosive, firearms or deadly weapons, etc.
  • Lending, borrowing, tampering with and on forging certificate of matriculation, ID, and the like.
  • Offenses maligning public decency, good customs and morals.

  • Gambling
  • Public Display of Affection
  • Cheating in Examinations
  • Entering University premises under the influence of liquor or being in a state of drunkenness
  • Use of and/or distributing prohibited drugs
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Offenses detrimental to the property, rights and interests of the University, Administrative officials, personnel, faculty member and student.

  • Act of Vandalism
  • Offenses against the sanctity of school records and official paper and documents. This includes as destroying, tampering with or falsifying school records.

  • Counterfeit Forgery

    Suspension for a period not less than one semester

    Suspension for one semester

    Suspension for two semester

    Exclusion/ Dismissal or dropping from the University


    A major offense OR 3 minor offenses would warrant non-issuance of Certificate of Good Moral Character.


    A hard copy of the ESDO approved concept paper is a pre-requisite for the Google form evaluation link from SPS.